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If you would like to schedule a performance or contact us about the group for any reason, please use the comment form below.

18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. nona bear on said:

    I would like to find out about availability to perform in Alexandria, VA on the evening of September 8.

  2. Hi Nona,
    After checking with the other group members, we are unable to perform for you on 9/8. Please keep us in mind for the future.
    Ellen Petko
    C/O The Colonial Singers of Williamsburg

  3. Jeffrey Taylor on said:

    Good morning,

    I am the choir director at Heritage Presbyterian Church located near Mt Vernon In Alexandria VA. I am contacting you to inquire about obtaining one of the arrangements you recorded on a cd you released in 2004. The carol is titled O Bethlehem. I have been unable to locate that piece anywhere. I look forward to hearing back from you and appreciate your kind assistance.

  4. Jana Smith on said:

    Hi, my husband and I were so looking forward to hearing you guys sing at the Old Towne Holiday Music Festival in Portsmouth (which sadly is not much of a festival anymore). Anyways, we walked around and around and around looking for you everywhere and never found you. With the rain last year, this makes two years in a row we have missed you and it makes me so sad!! It’s just not Christmas until we’ve heard you sing to us that the geese are getting fat (fat)!!! Just wanted to let you know that you were sorely missed and we will try again next year…Merry Christmas!!

    • Hi Jane. We were there strolling and singing from 11-3 today! I’m so very sorry you missed us! We are singing 2 lobby concerts on 12/22 at the Williamsburg Lodge, from 4:30-5 and 5:30-6, if you can make it??! We also have our CD Echos of Christmastide for sake on our site here.

  5. Good afternoon, we are looking forward to hosting you all at our Winter Wander Trail of Lights here at Boar’s Head Resort. Can you send me a a high resolution photo of your group that I can use on our website? email: Thanks!

  6. Robert Greenspan MD on said:

    I’m hoping to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon, south of Alexandria – Friday, November 25th. Do you have that date available?
    Thank you , Bob

    Hello, I will check with the rest of the singers.
    Ellen Petko

    • Hello,
      I will check with the rest of the group. Can you give me more Details ax to time and length if desired performance?
      Thank you,
      Ellen Petko
      C/O The Colonial Singers of Williamsburg

      • medicalantiques on said:

        Ellen, The Betsy Ross room at Mt. Vernon is available that evening so part way there. I’m planning on renting costumes for guests if they can’t find their own. Let me know if some or all of your group is available and the cost. Thank you, Bob


      • Hello,
        All 5 of us are available. For an event like this, especially with us having to stay over night, the fee would be $1200. Please let me know if you are interested.

      • medicalantiques on said:

        A tentative go but I’ll know for sure by Friday after I meet with folks at Mt. Vernon. Bob


      • medicalantiques on said:

        I forgot to mention that my nephew Rodrigo Vega was a member of your group years ago when there was an earlier director. He and his sister will discuss a collaboration for the occasion. He’s a choir teacher and she sings professionally. Only the three of us will know about the entertainment outside of your group so it’s a double surprise for Bonnie and a surprise for everyone else. Bob


  7. Bryan Truzzie on said:

    I would like to secure your group for a performance on Saturday, July 1 offering your Songs of the Founding Fathers. Would you be available on that date at about 11 am?

    • Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for reaching out. Our group is available. We need more information from you at your earliest convenience.
      I responded to you from Please respond back to that email, as it is easier to communicate back and forth from there. I look forward to hearing from you.
      C/O The Colonial Singers of Williamsburg

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